Squirt Bottle Floor Cleaning

Silence or giddy laughter from both children usually means they are up to something they probably should not be doing… Like grabbing my water bottle (Riley is obsessed with water bottles!) and spraying it at his sister! Then she grabs the mop we use when we get heavy rains and water in the basement (she […]

Terrarium Vessel Creation

I gave myself an afternoon in the clay studio to make some new work for the upcoming Wilmington (DE) art loop where I will have my small terrarium sculptures on display at Bellefonte Arts for May. The opening is May 3, 2013 from 6-9pm. I have carved all my texture plates and work the clay […]

Morning Garden Coffee Chores

Morning walks with coffee and iPhone… I missed spring for this. New growth is popping up everywhere. The weeds are already taking over due to my lack of pulling last season (darn!) I’ve pruned and cut back almost the entire garden area(s). I’m getting a bit sick of the Russian sage, so I’m ok if […]

Bead Fest Philadelphia Spring

Darlene of D7 Studio represents Marsha Neal Studio through various bead shows in the Northeast US, and this weekend is at Bead Fest Philadelphia! I worked all week to get my stock from her all cleaned up and ready for this huge show. I took all the beads that I had paired up and put […]

Beer Clay

I love just going into the studio and throwing myself into some ideas. These small bud vases keep popping up recently. But the clay is just a bit short for bending without cracking. And with two little ones, helping with a few Etsy teams & my Master Gardener responsibilities – I am finding it extremely […]