Studio Reorganization Mid-Point

I had about 2 really good days of purging going on before the weekend (and non-stop kid activity) set in. And I am quite pleased where I arrived before the break. There were so many projects lingering from my studio life before kids, before economy dump, while pendants were my focus. These unfired glaze test […]

Studio End of a Procrastination Time

Do you ever reach a tipping point? I did. I had just made a batch of beads to fill a couple of orders & I was getting low on my good "plastic feel" ceramic clay. I went to pull some clay that had been pugged 5.5 years ago. And it was short. Not plastic at […]

Electric Kiln Repair Hand To Head Lessons

When something is not working with your kiln, you have some troubleshooting to do. A manual or website PDF of a manual is important. This post is not about what you should do to fix your kiln, but rather a bit of smacking your hand to your head post with crap you should do before […]