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This month’s Art Elements Blog theme was Bees. So many ideas buzz around in my brain when it comes to insects. Bees are one of those insects that I do really enjoy, but can be annoying if they are not happy with you. So I try to keep them happy by planting lots of flowering plants in my garden for the longest bloom time and providing them with plenty of space for their own habitats.

Early Spring Flowers in bloom. Perfect for pollinators that have emerged early.

I am part of a ceramics community called “ClayShare” and there are some great classes and really cool tools. I ordered some of Sharon Hoppe Designs laser etched rolling pins, and one happened to have these bees and sunflowers. Perfect for this month’s theme. I made some of these mason jar ceramic disc lids to hold up your cut flowers. They just sit on top of the jar opening, and you put the flower stems in the holes.

Laser Engraved Wooden Rolling Pin designed by Sharon Hoppe Designs from The Texture Shoppe. Ceramic Flower Holder Discs by Marsha Neal Studio.

You can see below how well these work for keeping the flowers spaced out. These are perfect for getting rid of that annoying “not enough” cut flowers for the arrangement to look nice.

Ceramic Bee textured flower holder for a mason jar. This was my first test batch with these discs and I realized that it may be helpful to have a small bit of extra to the inside lip of the lid to keep it from sliding around. But regardless, it still helps hold these flowers upright instead of letting them all flop to one side and not look full.

When I think of bees, I think of honeycombs and that shape being a hexagon, I wanted to carve out some new clay stamps (I fire them, then they get pressed into a clay slab, then cut up into my shapes for final pieces).

Hand carved clay texture stamps. Hexagon shaped for this Bee theme (top three images). Bottom 6 images shows the cut out from the textured slab: raw and refined. Glazed pieces will be out of the kiln by this weekend.

One thing that I want to still do is make a needle felted bee – especially since Sara put out a new Bee video: Sarafina Needle Felted Bee Tutorial (You’ve got to watch to the end and check out here MC Bee Pollen Pocket Dance).

Thanks for stopping by to check out my post for this months theme. Here is a list to the other participants:

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12 Responses to “Art Elements Bee Theme Blog Hop”
  1. Cat says:

    Those disk flower holders are so neat, and the hexagon pieces are such a clever idea, well done!!

  2. Alysen says:

    Marsha, The discs are a great idea and remind me of the old ‘frog’ that my Mom used with flowers. When I go out to my overgrown wisteria the air is just abuzz with all the bees visiting … stay well.

  3. I LOVE those mason jar flower holders, I’m going to need one of those! That rolling pin was perfect! And your hex pieces are beautiful! Your flower garden is spectacular!

  4. Your garden is gorgeous! It makes me wish I had a green thumb. However, I’m plenty good at picking flowers and I LOVE that jar-topper thing you made. I’ve never heard of those and will definitely be needing at least one. They’re so cool! Oh, and the shape of those honeycomb pendants is fabulous. I love how there’s more than one on them so you really get the beehive feel of them. Best of luck with the felting project.

  5. Your garden is wonderful. I know you love it. I think your disk flower holders for Mason jars are a terrific idea. I bet that they would sell at craft fairs or online. You should think about that. I also love your honeycomb pendants. They could be another good seller!

  6. Marsha, you’ve been an inspiration to me for years, and what you’ve created for this hop only add to this. First, I’m very, very envious of your garden and the fact that you have flowers already, and I love your idea to keep a bouquet looking full. I’d be that person who would be poking through the flowers to look at the ceramic holder keeping them upright and in place! Second, the honeycomb pieces are just stunning. I can’t wait to see them glazed and finished. This hop has been so inspiring. I keep using that word to comment on folks’ blogs, but what better word to use?

  7. Oh Marsha, your flowers & garden are gorgeous. I think I may need to get one of those ceramic disc flower holders! Those are so cool. My roses are forever falling out of the vase b/c they’re so top heavy especially if I don’t fill up the vase. Can’t wait to see your honeycomb pieces after they’re fired.

  8. Those flower holders are lovely and look great with the selection of fresh cut flowers. The hexagon beads are off to a great start and I look forward to seeing them glazed. It’s so nice that you make an effort to keep your local bees happy with blooms. I enjoy watching bees visit flowers, but don’t so much enjoy when they buzz near me to figure out whether I’ve got pollen.

  9. I really like those mason jar flower holders – that is such a cool idea. Those textures are amazing on those lids! I can’t wait to see the honeycomb pieces when they are out of the kiln!

  10. Jenny says:

    Oh the hexagon! I really like the 3 together! Maybe some with holes at bottom too? I was going to ask how the discs stayed on the jars…. thats a fun idea!

    Your flower pix are glorious. I miss Sarafina and haven’t watched the bee. I think thats a level I am prepared for…

  11. Sarajo Wentling says:

    Those flower holders are such a smart idea! Of course our 3 cats are total buttheads when it comes to plants (and vegetables, and bread… ok, they’re buttheads A LOT) and they would still manage to topple things over. Sigh. I’m totally digging those hexagonal pieces and can’t wait to see (and buy) some of the finished beads!

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