Art Elements Monthly Theme: Seed Pods

Thank you for stopping by my blog to see my inspirations for this month’s Art Elements Monthly Theme: Seed Pods.

I was working in my studio a week and a half ago and though that I better start on my pieces for this seed pod theme. After cruising my pinterest boards I started using some muscle memory to create shapes (see the curved cone shape pieces in the bottom right of the photo). These pieces evolved and changed and then it struck me that these donut pieces sitting on my bead table could make a really cool “top” to a hollow pod shape.

Ceramic Studio Work Making Vessels Inspired by Seed Pod Forms

Working with porcelain and stoneware clay in a sculptural manner, things tend to get a bit heavy (I should whip up some paper clay like Caroline and try making more of these). I typically work through ideas to make pieces thinner as I go, pushing boundaries of the clay ripping, then as I learn, older forms get wetted down and recycled back into usable clay. Ideas move around my head as my hands start at making something of high quality to thoughts of “what will these be used for?’.

Ideas sometimes get going so fast it is like a tornado of happiness in my brain (I recognize this is the “addictive” chemicals kicking in and at this point: People are going to want one for their house – for their little nook and cranny place. Maybe I can put a small hole in it and it could hold an air plant. What about a cool macrame holder… Yeah!). Oh boy. Slow down brain…

Porcelain pieces out of the kiln.

So I knew I wanted the inside of the vessels to have this turquoise look. Like a little secret special bit of water (ever seen Romancing the Stone from the 1980’s? I think I always wanted to drive my little Pepe to that secret place and find an emerald too!).

And the other forms with the spiraling tendrils and pod heads – oxides with translucent colored Amaco Celadon glazes layered – my favorites! I will probably make some sort of wire form to suspend these by. Maybe one day I can work some fiber into something that surrounds them in a way that looks like the decay of the flower petals.

Before (left) and After (right) the Cone 5 Glaze firing. Cone 5 is around 2232 degrees F.

Above is a little insight into my glaze kiln firings. I like to suspend as much as I can to get the glaze to cover most of the piece. Just one of the things I prefer do to in my work.

Seed Pod Collections, Ceramic Vessels to hold the dried seed pods (Pot Head Vessel by Diane Hawkey).

And here is a bit of my actual seed pod collection. I made these seed pod collector vessels for bit of time. They are perfect for putting your dried pods and flowers on display and out of the way from getting crushed. My friend Diane Hawkey makes the coolest One of a Kind “Pot Head” figures – my lady pot head loves hanging out with the seed pods…

Through social media you can see more work and share your Seed Pod themed inspiration by using the hashtags: #AEThemeChallenge #AESeedPod #ArtElements #Art__Elements

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21 Responses to “Art Elements Monthly Theme: Seed Pods”
  1. All of your pods are unusual and so beautiful! Love the vessels with the glazed inside and those red head pods with the screw-like stem. The pod holding vessels are so cool 🙂

  2. I love all your seed pods both real/natural and the ones you created. I love that beautiful soothing turquoise color inside. Really draws you in! But those with the spiraling tendrils-OMG they are super cool. Love those!!

  3. Anna Pierson says:

    Love them! And thanks for sharing your process.

  4. Jill Egan says:

    Your pods are so tactile and adorable, thanks for sharing

  5. Raven says:

    These are spectacular!!! I love the ones that serve as vessels soooo much. The turquoise inside is gorgeous and I smiled so much at your Romancing the Stone reference! LOL
    I adore mini bowls and vessels and would absolutely LOVE one of the turquoise treasure cave bowls to have in my studio space to hold stitch markers or safety eyes or beads while working. They are so great!!! Thanks for sharing your process as well!!!

  6. Cat says:

    I love them all, but yeah, those with the spiraling tendrils take the cake. Gorgeous!!

  7. Marsha, those pods are amazing! I love both styles, but I really really really love the reddish colored ones, OMG I’m staring and staring!

  8. Love the pods you made and your flash of insight that your donut shapes could make a cool top for the pod shape. Seeing new connections and uses between existing objects is a real aspect of creative thinking. I have one of your pod collectors hanging in my studio. Sometimes it holds pods and sometimes decorative headpins. Love it.

  9. jennifer cameron says:

    WOW! Everything is amazing, but those spiraling tendril things? SO COOL! I love your tornado brain 🙂
    Thanks for playing along in the challenge, I’m glad it spoke to you!

  10. The spirals in your work always draw me in. Your pods were the first thing I saw on instagram this morning and I enjoyed reading/seeing more about your process here. The textures are spectacular and the colors, especially the watery interiors, are glorious.

  11. kathy Lindemer says:

    Your seed pod vessels are wonderful. I especially like turquoise as an interior color. It is so calming. Your glazes are always so pretty.

  12. Anita says:

    Gosh these are gorgeous, especially (repeating what most others have said) the tendrils!

  13. Amazing pieces! Your work is always so inspiring to me.

  14. Laney Mead says:

    I loved the peek into your kiln and the before and after shots, that was fab. Those spirally tendril pods are my favourite too 😉

  15. Claire says:

    I love to see clay work in all stages – the pieces already look so cool in their raw state but how gorgeous are they after firing! I especially love the vessels with the turquoise inside, they are so beautiful! 🙂

  16. Alysen says:

    Marsha, I am ‘gobsmacked’ (a term my Brit English friends use) by your creativity and use of color. I love all of your little seedpod creations. However the spiral-ey sort of ones really get my imagination going …

  17. Jenny says:

    And resin – and like little shadow boxes, and with things floating inside and on wire stalks, all different heights… They are scrumptious!

  18. Lesley Watt says:

    Wow – these are just stunning…I’m hoping I can get to see these in the flesh (clay) in a few weeks time 🙂

  19. niky sayers says:

    I am totally in love with the little seed pods with the turquoise insides, I love the texture, the colour and they just look so tactile. They would make the most perfect ring/earring dish and indeed every house will need at least one!!!!

  20. Caroline says:

    Amazing work Marsha, your designs are stunning and your glazing is my absolute favourite. The textures and colours you achieve are just perfect!

  21. Dry Gulch says:

    So much wild and fun creations! Love the colors too, simply marvelous.

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