Beaded Silk Cord Bracelet Instructions

Do you want to make an adult version of simple braided jewelry that you can use as wrap bracelets?

Beaded Silk Cord Color Palettes Marsha Neal Studio

Beaded Silk Cord Color Palettes Marsha Neal Studio

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Printable pdf directions: Beaded Silk Bracelet Instructions Marsha Neal Studio

Here is where you start:

Beaded Silk Cord Bracelet Supplies: 2mm silk, 1mm cotton cord, (51) custom TR5 glass bead mix, closure bead/button.

Tie a gentle knot at one end of the cotton cord. String 50 beads from other end of cotton cord. You will remove that gentle knot later – either by untying or cutting it off.

Measuring for button closure loop.

This simple loop should fit closure button/bead through with a little room. Leave at least 1 inch tail. Pull tight.

At the mid-point of the 2mm silk, tie the 2mm silk cord onto the cotton cord with the 1 inch tail.

One knot pulled tight will work fine.

Tie a knot with one of the silks around the other silk, and two cotton cords. Pull tight.

Repeat previous step with the other silk. Pull knots tight.

Straighten the silks, pull it all tight, then cut off any of that tiny tail of cotton cord that is sticking out.

Secure the loop so you can begin braiding. I prefer a mini macrame foam board or clip board. Tape or binder clips onto a surface you will not damage will work too.

Begin braiding, moving the strands from right to middle, left to middle, repeating, always moving over top of the other cords. When you move the cotton cord, you push a bead up.

As you braid, your fingers will find a comfortable way to position the beads so they stay to the outside of the braid.

This image shows you my working position for braiding. I try to keep the beads up close to the working braid area, and move it as I need more space.

This image shows you my working position for braiding. I try to keep the beads up close to the working braid area, and move it as I need more space. Notice my relaxed and even braid tension? If yours is too tight or short and squatty, simply unbraid it and start again. It may take a couple of times for your brain and body to relax.

As you near the end, measure the bracelet around your wrist (intended to go 2x). Remove the extra beads from that point on. Having some braid only in the area where you end allows you to tie a knot right below where you want your button to sit. Remove the gentle knot and the excess beads.

Put your disc bead onto the cotton cord, then a TR5 glass bead. Then put the cotton cord back through the disc bead. Move it down and find its final stopping point and tie it on.

Tie the cotton cord around the other cords a couple of times to secure the disc bead (Pull tight!). Then if you have silk left, tie a couple of knots, pulling very tight. I tie two very tight knots with just the two silks to end mine. If you are unsure, you can use fabric glue to extra secure your knots.

Cut off the excess length of cords.

Your bracelet is now ready to wear! You can get these wet, but please avoid salt water or pool water as these are silk, and harsh environmental conditions may cause these to not last as long as they would otherwise. Hand wash with mild detergent and pat with a towel to dry.

Overall bracelet image: Loop end, braid, closure bead.


The 2mm silk is 40 to 42″ long.

The 1mm cotton Cord is about a yard (ends cut to a point to put beads on).

With a consistent braid, I use between 45 and 50 of the TR5 Miyuki glass beads.

My wrist is a solid 7″ wrist (to measure my wrist, I wrapped a string around my wrist – comfortably – not tight or loose). The finished bracelet length for a double wrap around my wrist is from the button to the end of the loop: 15.5″. By this calculation, I’ve added an inch and half to the doubled size of my wrist (7″ + 7″ + 1.5″ = 15.5″).

If I want to wear layers of these, I may make some that are slightly larger so that they can go further up my arm.

If yours is too long after you are done, you can always try tying a “decorative knot” somewhere in the braid to shorten the length. Or you may just have to find a friend to give it to, and make yourself another, learning from the previous one.

Fabric glue or epoxy (such as E6000 – a flexible epoxy) should be used in a well ventilated area. Please read and follow instructions for the product you choose.

For those of you that want instructions printed, click below and you can download the pdf (you may need to print at 95% if the edges get cut off). And you will need adobe acrobat reader to view the pdf.

Beaded Silk Bracelet Instructions Marsha Neal Studio

Thanks to Sara and Kyla of Sarafina Art House for helping me with this video! CLICK HERE.

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