First Day of Bead & Button

I left on Wednesday for the Bead & Button Show. Knowing how much I would miss my family, I took along some little reminders. It also dawned on me that my little munchkins could view my pics via the photo stream and would like to see their figurines doing different stuff with me on my travels…

Thursday was early morning inventory then show setup with a registered class persons preview night from 4-9.

We got to run to see Yvonne of My elements by Yvonne & saw done really fantastically awesome hand painted beads!

Went to a late lunch (it is downtown dining week here in Milwaukee this week)…

Then back to the show to get selling around 4pm. Friday is the killer long day 10am-8pm. Saturday until 6 & Sunday until 4…

It’s been great seeing SO many friends today! And hopefully I can get out and see more this weekend (or they can see me in booth #610 with Thornburg Bead Studio).

Bead and Button Show Stock

Here are some images of most of the finished stock that I am taking with me to the Bead & Button show. You can find me and my work in the Thornburg Bead Studio Booth #610 June 7-9, 2013 (preview night is the 6th).

I have two sizes of my porcelain and stoneware ceramic bead headpins. The wire is Nichrome (nickel & chrome combination) which is used for firing in the kiln at high temperatures.

My Elements by Yvonne (booth 1158) will also have some of the smaller headpins and tendrils on short wires for some wearable landscapes she is premiering at this show! They are NOT to be missed (she posted an image on her Facebook Page the other day!)

And here is one of my two trays of textured discs that are going with me.

Nikki has some great plans and kits for earrings and necklace focal a with these. All of these will be in trays, to be made into whatever color palette combo you want…

And I have a final kiln load in right now that has more of these curved bracelet pieces in them. And if things turn out good – possibly some pieces that look – in my opinion – like water lilies… We’ll see tonight!

And for those of you that do not want nichrome wire in your headpins or prefer to glue them into place after the wire work is done on a project – here are some glue on tendrils.

I am going to send a bunch of these off to Darlene (D7 Studio) so she can have some for her upcoming shows. She is the one that requested I figure out a way to make and glaze these (and that I did – patting myself on the back for figuring that out!).

And with that, I’m out the door on Wednesday and will return to fill any orders on Monday.

Make sure you check out the First Friday Art Walk blog hop going on June 7-9, 2013.

And I’ll be posting on Sunday for Love My Art Jewelry blog for a bunch of cool wire suppliers that I come across while at the show.

For seeing things going on at the Bead & Button Show via social media look up #BNBSHOW via Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter & Tumblr.

I’m going to attempt to get pics of artists I know & their art beads this year when I take a break from selling & use #bnbshow and possibly another designating the art beads. You should too if you are going!

This is going to be SO much fun (although there is that mom side that is a bit heart wrenched leaving my munchkins for 5 days – ugh!)

I can’t wait until they are old enough to go with me to shows & don’t need my 100% attention if I ever decide to start back into traveling to sell my work (not necessarily for bead shows though).

Bead and Button Show Bead Preparation

I have been in bead making mode – whenever I can get the time to focus on it. Even if it is a few hours. If it is les than that, I usually end up cleaning or prepping for when I do have a window of time. I love getting "into" that creative production mode, and get very grumpy when disturbed…

So here are some images of my making and glazing pieces for Bead & Button show stock.

I even love loading my kiln (or rather, find pleasure in a loaded kiln, packed tight and organized). I can’t help it – I just love the order of it…

And I love seeing things as I create. Random stacking of pieces…

And while firing pieces that I expect somewhat uniquely consistent results from, I still like to throw in some glaze tests. And to fiddle with some simple jewelry designs.

My work will be in two booths at Bead & Button. I will be selling my work through Thornburg Bead Studio (booth #610) and Yvonne of "My Elements" will have some of my teeny tendrils at her booth as she unveils some special little pieces at this show!

Lots of awesome collaborations will be taking place at this show – I can feel it!


There are times where days vanish…
But I try to capture the silliness of each day.

Sometimes it’s just taking a picture of a jolly rancher blue tongue to show it to dad later when he gets home from work…

Sometimes it is taking photos of the wild child as he refuses to listen to anything I have to say (No! Indoor hotel fountains are not for splashing in…)

And sometimes I get little escapes to see good friends (Lisa Goodman at the May 3 Art Opening at Bellefonte Arts).

Then it’s back to running around crazy fun kid times outside…

And inside (that energy just goes non-stop!)

But I would not wish any of it away…

My today was spent with kids, pulling and packing orders, swim lessons for Riley then nap, pull & pack more orders, soccer with Chloe & Riley, shipping orders, dinner, chill out time, shower, then bed. Thankfully tomorrow is supposed to be a Marsha work day after getting them off to school.

After finishing up orders in the morning, I pray for some studio time (and that I am not forgetting something important or get an emergency call).

Deep breath…
Looking forward to tomorrow!

Art Loop Friday

It’s here! First Friday, and I’m excited to get out if the studio and hang with real, live people!!! And see awesome art of course!

Here is a peek at what I’ve got to show off at Bellefonte Arts this month!

And a nice little write up in The News Journal (thanks Karen for grabbing an image for me!)

And some little accent pieces for your garden made of steel and ceramic. Outdoor use may need regular sealing of steel to prevent rusting.

Now to go make up additional signage and grab some snacks for the opening!

Look for pics on Instagram with #FirstFridayEtsy and #DelawareEtsy to see what is going on this weekend with art related – whatever…



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