Terrarium Pieces for May 3 Art Loop

This Friday I will have my new little terrarium sculptures on display for the Wilmington Art Loop at Bellefonte Arts in Wilmington, DE. The opening is Friday evening from 6-9pm and my work will be on display for the remainder of the month.

Here is a little insight into how I create these little sculptural landscapes…

Floral foam is cut to the right thickness and shape.

I spritz the moss with some water (just because it has been sitting in the bag from the garden center for a while). And I easily pull it into shapes to fit the vessels.

This is an extremely messy process.

And each piece is tended to and cleaned up.

Working on a bunch of these together is pretty fun and allows for that feeling if creativity to settle in.

Then I pull out my trays of little terrarium pieces and create these little interactive environments.

Then when done, I get to pack them up and get them up to Bellefonte Arts. They will be displayed on the gallery coffee table (it’s a hip gallery!)

So that is the next step – display…
I’m pretty psyched for this Art Loop. It’s always just exciting to be out and around people that like art too!

Squirt Bottle Floor Cleaning

Silence or giddy laughter from both children usually means they are up to something they probably should not be doing…

Like grabbing my water bottle (Riley is obsessed with water bottles!) and spraying it at his sister!

Then she grabs the mop we use when we get heavy rains and water in the basement (she gets that from me – loves to sweep or mop – it’s relaxing and you get results fast) and starts making clean areas on the floor.

Who wouldn’t be giddy getting squirted with a water sprayer inside the house?!

And that they are not getting in trouble (they know I have limits though)…

Like when the spraying water starts to get close to my slab roller – hold up!
Too crazy!
That may get rusty in the inner working part areas…

Thank you for cleaning the floor and being silly about it…

Now give it back!
And don’t even think about squirting your mother – lol…

Terrarium Vessel Creation

I gave myself an afternoon in the clay studio to make some new work for the upcoming Wilmington (DE) art loop where I will have my small terrarium sculptures on display at Bellefonte Arts for May. The opening is May 3, 2013 from 6-9pm.

I have carved all my texture plates and work the clay into them to create the parts for these terrarium containers.

I use a similar texture to create the walls.

The feet are made from textured coils cut in half.

These are fine just as they are sitting flat. But my eyes wanted to see under the piece.

So just as beveling the underside of a pot on the wheel makes a thrown pot look lighter, so does adding feet to these pieces.

See how the piece with feet looks like it is up and ready to go?

And by dinner time I was done this batch. I think I am going to leave some of these without the addition of flowers.

When I made my first batch, I had intended to add a little something to the flowers and holes – but have not decided entirely on that yet.

So with picking up the kids and meal time upon me, they were covered and put to rest to dry slowly…

And this kiln load of beads and small bud vases (which are tests) fired yesterday & should be ready to open today around noon.

Morning Garden Coffee Chores

Morning walks with coffee and iPhone…
I missed spring for this.

New growth is popping up everywhere.

The weeds are already taking over due to my lack of pulling last season (darn!)

I’ve pruned and cut back almost the entire garden area(s). I’m getting a bit sick of the Russian sage, so I’m ok if I cut too far. Meh…

I have SO much clean-up to do. So little time or money to do it with…

But there are those things that put my mind at rest – like the beauty of these fading Hellebores…

Then, wait – grumbling again… Garlic mustard (highly invasive & it changes the ph of the soil). Luckily I have a friend that makes a pesto from this. I hope to get that recipe this year & give it a try…

Back to making more beads…
This garden will not pay for itself (neither will the bills)…

Bead Fest Philadelphia Spring

Darlene of D7 Studio represents Marsha Neal Studio through various bead shows in the Northeast US, and this weekend is at Bead Fest Philadelphia!

I worked all week to get my stock from her all cleaned up and ready for this huge show. I took all the beads that I had paired up and put them onto pipe cleaners instead.

Here is a shot of the D7 Studio booth #424 where you can find my items.

And you will also find Darlene and Nolly! What great gals!

I took all of my pendants from previous years and marked them ALL down to $5 destash prices.

I also bagged up tiny pendant pairs, medium pendants, and the large pendant with matching small ones into baggies for $10 each.
AND when you purchase $50 in my destash pieces, you get to pick out an additional $5 destash for free!

These are priced to move!
Cabs and buttons are also on the destash markdown…
I am just ready to move onto this next creative phase of my life…

Nolly of Nolly’s Folly, is an amazing glass bead artist.

Darlene carries Nolly’s work with her at bead shows too.
I picked up some of her pieces today to see if I can come up with some cross over designs as samples and maybe kits for D7Studio.

We came across some awesome favorites like HMB Studios (booth 531)

Brenda Sweder (booth 50) and her “Now That’s a Jig!”, where I ordered some extra peg form sets for my jig I got from her at Bead Fest last August.

And it’s always great fun to run into Erica (at Dakota Stones booth 222 & 224).

And more bead friends that are like family: Amy & Barbara from Artful Bead Studio (booth 124).

I just love their jewelry designs and mad bead weaving design skills. I have bought a few finished pieces and kits over the years from these ladies…

And a quick shot of the bead tray that was fully stocked this morning, that I will need to refill for Darlene for her upcoming shows! thanks to the lady that bought a bunch of my pieces – You Rock!!! Thank You!

As this was a quick drop off stock and shop day, my friend Jenny and I got through the show in record time. I really miss going to bead shows to sell my work. I enjoy the beads, but really love the people there (feels like family!)…

I hope you get a chance to get out to Bead Fest Philadelphia.
Check out D7Studio’s 2013 show schedule on her blog to see if Darlene will be at a town near you!





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