Suspended Mushroom Photography

I’ve been thinking of how I want to photograph and market these small hanging sculptures. I love to have them randomly hanging throughout my studio space – which does not have good natural lighting, so I am working on making a background that will work in my photo box. But my brain keeps saying – […]

Tiny Ceramic Vessels

As a nature enthusiast I find that I like to pick up and collect little things while outdoors and bring them back into my studio for inspiration. Some of my favorite things to collect are seed pods, small flowers that my kids pick for me, and just about anything with cool textures. And with my […]

Flower Seed Pod Beads

I have found my muse! She was a bit torn and exhausted, but is recovering… Regular exercise – the first time in 20+ years, taking mental time off, focusing on something that has been pulling at me since I was young (seed pods and nature) – without any lingering deadlines implied… And of course awesome […]

Art Loop Friday

It’s here! First Friday, and I’m excited to get out if the studio and hang with real, live people!!! And see awesome art of course! Here is a peek at what I’ve got to show off at Bellefonte Arts this month! And a nice little write up in The News Journal (thanks Karen for grabbing […]

Terrarium Pieces for May 3 Art Loop

This Friday I will have my new little terrarium sculptures on display for the Wilmington Art Loop at Bellefonte Arts in Wilmington, DE. The opening is Friday evening from 6-9pm and my work will be on display for the remainder of the month. Here is a little insight into how I create these little sculptural […]



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