Piedmont Woodland Edge Garden

I never remember to take before pics of garden areas that I jump into on an overdue whim (like – it has bugged me enough & I want to be done with the weeds) and I just go for it. This area which was getting ready to burst with garlic mustard seeds, mile-a-minute weed, Japanese […]

A Garden Grows No Matter What

There is that lingering feeling of frustration, forgetting, having to do something that wakes one up at 4am. Seems like I am finding that routine once more – but I think it may be a good way to get things done… My garden is a good reminder of how life goes on regardless of deadlines […]

Faerie Garden Celebration at Gateway Garden Center

Every fall we look forward to the Faerie Garden House Festival that goes on at Gateway Garden Center here in Hockessin. Every year it is full of wonder and delight! It is a day for the wild things to appear (but within limits of course…) To us it is like fall has arrived… We noticed […]

Mid-Summer Piedmont Garden

We had a couple of days that were in the 70’s for the high, low humidity, and beautiful evenings – so I finally got some time in the garden to weed and look at it good. Every year I struggle to keep this path free of weeds. This fall – it wins! I am removing […]


There are times where days vanish… But I try to capture the silliness of each day. Sometimes it’s just taking a picture of a jolly rancher blue tongue to show it to dad later when he gets home from work… Sometimes it is taking photos of the wild child as he refuses to listen to […]



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