Pugmill Finale For This Year

It feels great to have finished up all the pugging of my ceramic clay just before we start to hit freezing during the nights! It took me about 4 straight days of pugging (10 hour days) to reclaim about 1000 pounds of useable clay. Then add in time of lugging the buckets up and wet […]

Mixing and Pugging Ceramic Clay

A few years ago I made an investment purchase. A Bailey Pottery de-airing Pugmill MXP-50. This was when the economy was still pretty good and I was selling buckets of beads… When making ceramic clay pendants – I was using a lot if textured clay slabs. All of those scraps from cutouts were put into […]

Nearing Final Studio Overhaul

After glazing some orders and firing my kiln, I continued with my studio overhaul. I had this back area piled with newspapers and containers of dry mixed glazes from my college years (13-15+ years ago). Time to get those put away. I’m actually going to look at my old notes and see what kind of […]

Electric Kiln Repair Hand To Head Lessons

When something is not working with your kiln, you have some troubleshooting to do. A manual or website PDF of a manual is important. This post is not about what you should do to fix your kiln, but rather a bit of smacking your hand to your head post with crap you should do before […]



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