Ceramic Art Bead Market Artist Showcase July 27 & 28, 2017

It has been quite a while since I’ve done an online Facebook Group show (maybe a year?). So it is about time to get my photos updated and new beads ready to find their homes!

You have to join the Ceramic Art Bead Market FB Group in order to bid on any of the pieces I am going to list in the next two days. I usually do only BIN (buy it now) listings, and some MTO (Made To Order). When a bead is listed, the first person to write BIN gets that listing. If you are really wanting a similar piece, just write MTO in the comments – or take a screen shot and send me a FB message to see if I have more or can make another close to it. I have had people even request for me to make them a focal bead that goes with a set of earrings, and if I can do it – I will because I love to make beads!

Here are some photos of my recent work, most of which will be posted in this group.

New Wearable Spoon Pendants.

Each one has a spiral on the back.

My ceramic disc beads are perfect for accents for bracelets too!

Some ideas for making earrings out of my ceramic bead pairs:

Marsha Neal Studio Ceramic Beads with Nikki Thornburg Bead Studio handmade glass headpins.

Marsha Neal Studio Ceramic Textured Disc Beads with Sari Ribbon, seed beads and Sue Kennedy Glass Headpins.

I plan on stocking up again for Bead Fest Philadelphia, where you can meet me in person and buy my work from me.

Close up of my glaze and texture on the sides of my large disc and donut beads.

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  1. Great job Marcia! The close-up of those of the sides of your beads are drool-worthy!! Have a great show.

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