Faerie Garden Celebration at Gateway Garden Center

Every fall we look forward to the Faerie Garden House Festival that goes on at Gateway Garden Center here in Hockessin.

Every year it is full of wonder and delight!

It is a day for the wild things to appear (but within limits of course…)

To us it is like fall has arrived…

We noticed that these faeries know how to up-cycle so many things, love it cluttered, and enjoy a good time!

And that their castle is just amazing!

Even little visiting monsters can’t resist posing for a picture…

And they have such a great water pond with these floating orbs. Many boys were here & mothers could be heard saying "don’t throw those rocks in there"…

And I loved this find of Star Anise seed pods in amongst the make and take Fairy Garden area.

So upon arrival home, we gathered sticks and began assembling our own twig Faerie house.

Still lots to do – but it’s great fun hanging with the kids and working on a project together that they can then actually play with!

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