Glaze Firing Ceramic Beads

I find that working in batches is most comfortable for me. I like to make a bunch of pieces, then bisque them, then have my choice of "matching" up pairs, glazing them at the same time, then if they make it out if the kiln, they are tied up as a pair. May seem a bit tedious to some people, but I really find that it soothes my slight OCD tendencies…
And not to mention that fate and pairing up "mates" really makes my inner romantic self pretty happy too!

Having to load a kiln with all of these can be a bit nerve racking as they are pretty tiny, and at Cone 5/6 this Nichrome metal will begin to slump – creating a possible complete meltdown if pieces touch and fuse at 2232 degrees F.
Loading a kiln like this really required a sense of space, balance of weight and how many pieces can fit. And practice for many years helps too…

Luckily only one teeny spot on a piece touched a kiln post. I was SO relieved!

These are all going to the Bead & Button Show with me (booth #610)! I have a few more kiln loads to glaze and fire – so it will be non-stop work when the kids are in school…

I love having an automatic kiln that you program and just check on…

I load the kiln in an hour (up to three), set the program, turn on the kiln vent, then close the kiln room door. If all goes as expected, 24 hours later (8 hours to temperature, then 16 to cool) I get to have a miniature Christmas Morning moment to myself…

This load will come out today! Will post a pic on my Marsha Neal Studio Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr in a bit!

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  1. Linda Landig says:

    I love seeing your work in progress, Marsha. Thanks for sharing!

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