Glazed Ceramic Beads

I am beyond  delighted with how these last few bead glaze 5 firings have been coming out. Lots of new color ways…  

I love this above cinnamon glaze.


And the abundance of finished beads for the Bead & Button show in a few days is exciting!


But sometimes in the studio I get to see pretty things that disappear into more solid things and I wanted to share a pretty moment of mixing glaze colors (Mayco Stroke and Coat) to make a new glaze color.





Above is the finished color all mixed and a finished, fired bead. You can see it loses the powdery pastel of the dried glaze.


These are just about to go into the final pre-show glaze firing.


Above are my 13+ year used Roselli bead trees. I love the patina they have achieved over the years…


And above is a pic of what a just opened post-firing full of finished beads (cone 5 is around 2230 degrees F – which takes about 8 hours to reach, then 16 to cool back down). 

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  1. Carol says:

    Oh my! Those colors are amazing Marsha. I especially love the earth tones. Look how old your trees look! Cool, hopefully mine will look like that someday. You’re so dang organized! Have a great time at the show☺

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