How To Make Ceramic Beads Magazine Article Artisan Jewelry Times

If you have ever wanted a look into how I make my ceramic beads, I have written an article for the online magazine: Artisan Jewelry Times called Ceramic Clay Bead Basics, where I go over all of the basic details about making and firing ceramic beads.

Marsha Neal Studio Article Preview June 2016

In the June 2016 article, I discuss clay and glaze materials, texturing beads, making bead holes and keeping them round, how to load your bisque (not glazed) kiln load and how to load your bead trees for the glaze firing (up to cone 6).

AJT June 2016 front cover

You can download a digital version of this article through the Artisan Jewelry Times website, AJT Etsy shop, and get updates through their Facebook page.

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