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Mixing and Pugging Ceramic Clay

A few years ago I made an investment purchase. A Bailey Pottery de-airing Pugmill MXP-50. This was when the economy was still pretty good and I was selling buckets of beads… When making ceramic clay pendants – I was using a lot if textured clay slabs. All of those scraps from cutouts were put into […]

Nearing Final Studio Overhaul

After glazing some orders and firing my kiln, I continued with my studio overhaul. I had this back area piled with newspapers and containers of dry mixed glazes from my college years (13-15+ years ago). Time to get those put away. I’m actually going to look at my old notes and see what kind of […]

Studio Reorganization Mid-Point

I had about 2 really good days of purging going on before the weekend (and non-stop kid activity) set in. And I am quite pleased where I arrived before the break. There were so many projects lingering from my studio life before kids, before economy dump, while pendants were my focus. These unfired glaze test […]



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