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Studio End of a Procrastination Time

Do you ever reach a tipping point? I did. I had just made a batch of beads to fill a couple of orders & I was getting low on my good "plastic feel" ceramic clay. I went to pull some clay that had been pugged 5.5 years ago. And it was short. Not plastic at […]

Electric Kiln Repair Hand To Head Lessons

When something is not working with your kiln, you have some troubleshooting to do. A manual or website PDF of a manual is important. This post is not about what you should do to fix your kiln, but rather a bit of smacking your hand to your head post with crap you should do before […]

Faerie Garden Celebration at Gateway Garden Center

Every fall we look forward to the Faerie Garden House Festival that goes on at Gateway Garden Center here in Hockessin. Every year it is full of wonder and delight! It is a day for the wild things to appear (but within limits of course…) To us it is like fall has arrived… We noticed […]



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