Terrarium Sculptures

I really love these new pieces. So much so that I keep finding that I am holding my breath (weird – I know. That’s just me, loving texture and color & being easily energized by it)…

I knew that I needed to make some vessels to hold these small terrarium sculptures.

And I am quite satisfied with the way these have come out.

I want to make some additional small pieces that can be placed in amongst the mushrooms to give them something “to discover”. Like we are looking in on something they are looking upon…

I will probably make some taller, slender forms for a pillar look. Maybe sets that can be clustered together (in 3’s of course)…

These vessels started to get a little flip in a couple of places along the edge to imply movement…

And they are made with porcelain clay that is textured and pressed into my hand carved spiral clay plate (I carve my own textures, use found objects, or things found in nature).

Even the bottoms are textured and glazed. They have textured feet as well – gives them a little something extra to stand in!

I’ve chosen to start with my favorite blue/green palette of colors. Reminds me of the color of lichens in the woods.

And then there are these new little forest decaying series of work. I have a few ideas brewing for some brooches or necklace pendants (I like the idea of having a brooch that can also be a sculptural piece when not being worn).

So much inspiration right now.
So many deadlines & obligations.

These will be on display on May 3, 2013 on the Wilmington (DE) Art Loop at Bellefonte Arts. I’m pretty excited to be on the loop again. It’s been 12 years since I last showed (making & selling beads, and having kids has filled my time since then).

More to come soon!!!

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  1. marsha, i cannot help but feel that this is where you belong… like you have found that perfect place that incorporates your love of horticulture and ceramics… i am so pleased to bear witness…

  2. Lisa Haley says:

    Wow, Marsha! Your work is awesome. Looking forward to seeing more.

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