Trying For A Clean Start

It seems that this entire year has been such a state if transition and crazy busy-ness all around me. In June my mind just quit. And I am finally starting down the path of picking up and getting organized so I can figure out where I am going.

Packaging area that was supposed to double as an inside photography area…

One more try with proper lighting and white foam core to try to get the white balance & camera to cooperate (all this rain and dark days – meh… I’m so done with waiting on you to clear!)

And sometimes those piles need to move to a place for sorting – which will come after the clean up and purging…

Because I want to make beads, sculptures and Jewelry for this next holiday season, and I don’t want to do it last minute!

I’m also spending more time with these great little people… I just hate the feeling that there will never be enough time with them (like they are going to grown up in a blink!).

Day by day…
Step by step…

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