Watercolor Porcelain Seed Pod Beads

I have always wanted to paint. I had never felt the confidence within myself to pick up traditional painting materials…

Then a random email back in the spring for an online class from Carla Sonheim called "Flower Crazy" (or maybe it was crazy flowers – either way – it was a perfect fit for me!) and I took it…

I have always been taken in by the teeny things in the natural world. Colors and textures and perfect little details – even with imperfections, still perfect will keep me inspired. And when these new pod and organic flower forms started to take shape, they needed COLOR! I wanted to take them beyond where I am with my glazes.

So I figured I would take what encouragement, skill, and inspiration I built up while taking Carla’s class and I would use it to jump into making these in the way I see them in my head… (Thank You Carla!!!)

So I work in batches. Making, firing to 2233 F in my kiln, then adding a base coat of gauche, then layers and layers of color, then sealing with acrylic. Then starting over again. I want these to be wearable little sculptural pieces…

And even though I keep an open mind and watchful eye for signs. This one I know speaks of a simple wire connection and not of my efforts in clay and the use of Watercolor paints instead of traditional pottery glazes.

Now to finish fiddling around with life curveballs and get focused!

BeadFest Philadelphia is just a few days away & these can be found in the D7 Studio booth #366.

Then I’ll sit and take the time to figure out how to get these effects with underglazes…

Busy, busy… How is anyone ever bored & without something to do?!

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