There are times where days vanish…
But I try to capture the silliness of each day.

Sometimes it’s just taking a picture of a jolly rancher blue tongue to show it to dad later when he gets home from work…

Sometimes it is taking photos of the wild child as he refuses to listen to anything I have to say (No! Indoor hotel fountains are not for splashing in…)

And sometimes I get little escapes to see good friends (Lisa Goodman at the May 3 Art Opening at Bellefonte Arts).

Then it’s back to running around crazy fun kid times outside…

And inside (that energy just goes non-stop!)

But I would not wish any of it away…

My today was spent with kids, pulling and packing orders, swim lessons for Riley then nap, pull & pack more orders, soccer with Chloe & Riley, shipping orders, dinner, chill out time, shower, then bed. Thankfully tomorrow is supposed to be a Marsha work day after getting them off to school.

After finishing up orders in the morning, I pray for some studio time (and that I am not forgetting something important or get an emergency call).

Deep breath…
Looking forward to tomorrow!

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