Zig Zag Beaded Bracelet

UPDATED May 2021:
Here is a link to my Marsha Neal Studio YouTube Video for this Zig-Zag design.
Here is a link to my Marsha Neal Studio Etsy Shop for all my DIY kits.

One summer I happened upon a friend of mine making a bracelet from a kit, which in turn I discovered through other friends, that the zig-zag design was from my friend Lesley Watt (she gave her design out to the creative world and left it up to people to figure out their own creativity). So here is the simply ingenious design using my Marsha Neal Studio ceramic disc beads.

Marsha Neal Studio Zig Zag Bracelet Kits

In my Zig-Zag bracelet kits there should be enough materials to make a bracelet to fit up to a 8.5″ wrist. A 30″ piece of 1mm round leather, (75) size 6 round seed beads, (70) 6mm twisted jump rings, and one of my Marsha Neal Studio ceramic disc beads. Also helpful: good lighting, a bead mat and scissors.

First put one size 6 bead on the leather. Look at the disc bead to decide which side you want to show, and put both ends of the leather through the disc bead, with the “showing side” up against that size 6 bead.

Secure the disc bead to the mid-point in the leather by tying a simple overhand knot under the disc bead.

Start by stringing a bead onto one leather. Then a jump ring over both. Then a bead onto the other leather. Then a jump ring over both. And so on.

As you work, slide your beads to the end by the disc bead.

I find it is easiest to work in about 1″ sections, sliding the beads to the end in a loose group a few at a time, and double checking that you are not skipping in your pattern, and untwisting the leather so it stays flat.

When you get to within an inch of how long you want your bracelet to be, you need to think about how large your disc bead is, and how much of a gap you will need to leave between the two closure knots as this will be your last inch or so in your bracelet.

These knots are simple overhand knots that are tied pretty snug. This is 1mm leather, so please do not pull so intently hard as the leather may break – just use a snug slightly firm knot. Keeping your fingers close to the knot when you are tightening them helps.

I like to put an odd number of beads at the end of the leather and tie another knot. Cut off any excess leather that sticks out too long (make sure you leave about a 1/4″ tail of leather after the knot).

2021 UPDATE: Duo Bead Color Kits:

I am getting ready to release some kits that have 2 bead colors in them, and wanted to show you some samples of how to add the beads to create some different looks. The only thing that differs in the directions is putting a specific bead color on a particular side of leather. You can take this and do whatever pattern you want. This is just a starting point.

Duo Bead Color Zig Zag Bracelet Kit Examples
Pattern Directions: Add Yellow bead to one leather. Jump ring over both leathers. Blue bead to other leather. Jump ring over both leathers. Yellow Bead, Jump Ring, Blue Bead, Jump Ring. End when you get to your wrist length.
Pattern Directions: Count out 10 blue beads. Add a bead and jump ring as normal. Count out 10 yellow beads. Add a bead and jump ring as normal. Repeat these sets of 10 beads as a color block and finish when you get to your wrist length.
Pattern Directions: Add 6 of the blue and 6 of the yellow beads and jump rings. Keep the blue on one leather and the yellow on the other. Then pick out another 6 blue and 6 yellow beads, and swap the bead color and leather they go on. Repeat & end when you get to your wrist length.
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  1. Leslie says:

    Wow Marsha, I have seen this bracelet and thought they were lovely. I can’t wait to make one with your ceramic disks.

  2. dottie arnao says:

    Thanks :-)

  3. Pamela Gemin, Patsy O's says:

    These are beautiful and very simple. My friends and customers will love them…if I ever decide to part with them.

  4. Linda Middlecamp says:

    Hi Marsha! Thank you so much for sharing these instructions to make this bracelet! That was so generous and kind of you!! God bless you!!

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