Mid-Summer Piedmont Garden

We had a couple of days that were in the 70’s for the high, low humidity, and beautiful evenings – so I finally got some time in the garden to weed and look at it good. Every year I struggle to keep this path free of weeds. This fall – it wins! I am removing […]

Flower Seed Pod Beads

I have found my muse! She was a bit torn and exhausted, but is recovering… Regular exercise – the first time in 20+ years, taking mental time off, focusing on something that has been pulling at me since I was young (seed pods and nature) – without any lingering deadlines implied… And of course awesome […]

Trying For A Clean Start

It seems that this entire year has been such a state if transition and crazy busy-ness all around me. In June my mind just quit. And I am finally starting down the path of picking up and getting organized so I can figure out where I am going. Packaging area that was supposed to double […]