Blog Overhaul Underway

I am so delighted to be setting aside some time to finally work on switching my blog from Blogger to WordPress.

This is something that I have been wanting to do for a few years, and I have always found excuses.

Marsha Neal Studio Matte Green PiecesNow that I am promoting my new series of textural beads and terrarium pieces,

I wanted to take the time to polish up my online image and get myself more organized.

Marsha Neal Studio Terrarium Mushrooms

And so here I am, teaching myself WordPress.

A little intimidated, but that will soon go away as I click around and fiddle with things.

This is the free theme I’m trying out: Organic Structure Theme

4 Responses to “Blog Overhaul Underway”
  1. Welcome to WordPress, Marsha! 🙂

    • Thanks Linda! There is a lot to learn for sure – but I’m loving it 🙂

    • Lettie says:

      Oi Camis, li o post e ri porque me vi do mesmo jeito. Eu enrolo para cozinhar, só pensando no que vou ter que limpar depois rsrs, acabo cozinhando uma vez por semana (sabe que connmienteceste eu não percebi que estava fazendo isso! rsrs)… detesto lavar louça rs, então vou acumulando e deixo para lavar uma vez no dia e assim vou seguindo rsrs. Adoraria ter uma lava louça, mas no apertamento não cabe, então o jeito é usar dicas boas e facilitar esse trabalhinho chato rs.Bjs Fabi

    • Well my babes are getting a little kitchen for xmas, so i think the veg crates would be nice to add to that! and maybe some of those sweet felt fruit and veg as well – especially that corn! 🙂

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