Firing Ceramic Beads

 With the Bead and Button Show (Milwaukee, WI) right around the corner I have been nonstop glazing and firing beads!  

This is what I unloaded last night! 


Oh the colors!


I just love the way the glazes puddle on this chocolate stoneware…


It feels like Christmas opening the kiln!


And then there is my quality control expert Peeves our cat. I think that late at night her attitude is a bit more “Woman they look fine, now put them down and give me some scratching & petting. Dang!” 

So today I will be glazing even more!

I am pretty delighted so far and hope nothing interrupts this flow.

2 Responses to “Firing Ceramic Beads”
  1. OMG, Marsha, those glazes are to die for! Must get one of those pendants at Bead Fest in August!

  2. Lesley Watt says:

    What an awesome haul Marsha…is that an L&L kiln? I’m thinking of upsizing to a small L&L :0)

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