Giving the Pottery Wheel a try

I woke up today in a really good mood. I think it was getting that extra hour back & having it light out in the morning.

So after creating a few images to help promote First Friday Art Walk (for the AWETeam – Art Walk Etsy Team), getting some orders organized, doing a bit of floor cleaning – while contemplating this huge issue with Etsy and the "handmade" community, I decided that what I really needed to do today was try out my kick wheel…

It has been since 2001 that I sat at a kick wheel. So I had to dig up memories of the process and figure out which basic tools I needed for this refresher session.

My intentions were purely to introduce myself to my clay body on the wheel – especially since I just finished pugging it a couple of weeks ago.

I found that the clay was still a bit short.
But I still enjoyed playing and remembering the process and what the tools are useful for.

This clay is just not ready to cooperate yet – but soon…

And throwing for the first time allowed me to see where the clay is going to go.

I am going to keep working at it and little by little make some very simple forms.

Most likely some bowls. I like that you can use bowls every day and special occasions alike.

And the final test is the cut through to see about thickness. I am going to focus on form & technique.

All of that thrown clay is back to the scrap pile ready to be wedged and thrown again.

Don’t forget that a lot of items currently in my Etsy shop are on sale until November 9, 2013.

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