Handmade Wire Closure for Friendship Bracelets

Simple. Fast. High Quality.
All words that I – as a bead maker, sometimes jewelry maker – would use to describe what I need in a handmade jewelry closure component…

Love My Art Jewelry Blog and the Boot Camps for 2013 are helping me focus and come up with a few "go to" components – this round, being closures (clasps).

This simple infinity loop and accompanying simple wire wrapped hook fit all of my requirements, and can be added to for a fancier look.

For the friendship bracelets, I make a bunch if these infinity loops ahead if time. Keeping in mind the diameter of the finished bracelet to keep things in proportion. Then I can tie the strings to the one loop, and secure the other loop so I can braid or tie knots.

The hook is made and attached by knot once the bracelet has reached the length I want it. I hammer the loop and hook at the curves to add a bit of stability.

This triple wrap bracelet is a bit more substantial and I wired more beads to a thin gauge wire and secured it to the infinity loop closure.

6 Responses to “Handmade Wire Closure for Friendship Bracelets”
  1. Lisa S says:

    cute bracelets and clasps!

  2. niky says:

    Beautiful, those bracelets are so lovely!

  3. Something like these are what I need to sit down and make a bunch of ahead of time. Great look and they are well matched with the woven ribbons. Perfect for whipping up and a clean style to go with most creations.

  4. Erika Atkinson says:

    I like the versatility of these, and also the brushed texture after hammering. What guage wire did you use?

  5. These are great -they work so well with your bracelets. I think I’ll try and make a few of these!

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