Studio Reorganization Mid-Point

I had about 2 really good days of purging going on before the weekend (and non-stop kid activity) set in. And I am quite pleased where I arrived before the break.

There were so many projects lingering from my studio life before kids, before economy dump, while pendants were my focus. These unfired glaze test tiles are now out of date. Most of my glazes have changed…

50 pound boxes of clay ordered years ago so I could try out and find my clay body… Still sitting there as a cluttered mess.

Where drywall boards used to lay against the wall & towers of buckets holding dry clay scraps – all wasting space – there is now room.

Table top cleared and movement down the wall, clay storage underneath, plaster mold making supplies there too. Now ready to see action in new work instead of being a catch all storage place.

Looking down the galley part – more space is seen. Better use in mind…

And there is space for my kick wheel as it was originally intended when this space was laid out.

So now to go through these objects and rid this space of even more clutter.

And to begin reconstituting all of this clay sitting in buckets in the garage.

All of this is "work" to me. Work that may be forgotten when I look back, but work that needs to be done.

And then I can create again…

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