Terrarium Pieces for May 3 Art Loop

This Friday I will have my new little terrarium sculptures on display for the Wilmington Art Loop at Bellefonte Arts in Wilmington, DE. The opening is Friday evening from 6-9pm and my work will be on display for the remainder of the month.

Here is a little insight into how I create these little sculptural landscapes…

Floral foam is cut to the right thickness and shape.

I spritz the moss with some water (just because it has been sitting in the bag from the garden center for a while). And I easily pull it into shapes to fit the vessels.

This is an extremely messy process.

And each piece is tended to and cleaned up.

Working on a bunch of these together is pretty fun and allows for that feeling if creativity to settle in.

Then I pull out my trays of little terrarium pieces and create these little interactive environments.

Then when done, I get to pack them up and get them up to Bellefonte Arts. They will be displayed on the gallery coffee table (it’s a hip gallery!)

So that is the next step – display…
I’m pretty psyched for this Art Loop. It’s always just exciting to be out and around people that like art too!

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  1. Shannon says:

    So cute! They remind me of the woods where I grew up with the moss and mushrooms. Now you’ve made me homesick 🙂

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