Terrarium Vessel Creation

I gave myself an afternoon in the clay studio to make some new work for the upcoming Wilmington (DE) art loop where I will have my small terrarium sculptures on display at Bellefonte Arts for May. The opening is May 3, 2013 from 6-9pm.

I have carved all my texture plates and work the clay into them to create the parts for these terrarium containers.

I use a similar texture to create the walls.

The feet are made from textured coils cut in half.

These are fine just as they are sitting flat. But my eyes wanted to see under the piece.

So just as beveling the underside of a pot on the wheel makes a thrown pot look lighter, so does adding feet to these pieces.

See how the piece with feet looks like it is up and ready to go?

And by dinner time I was done this batch. I think I am going to leave some of these without the addition of flowers.

When I made my first batch, I had intended to add a little something to the flowers and holes – but have not decided entirely on that yet.

So with picking up the kids and meal time upon me, they were covered and put to rest to dry slowly…

And this kiln load of beads and small bud vases (which are tests) fired yesterday & should be ready to open today around noon.

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